Behind the scenes



Behind the scenes

During lockdown, we had so many ideas. So we started designing a lot of new pieces. Now that we are close to the end of the pandemic, we also decided it was time to launch our new website!

To create the look, we had a lot of meetings together with a wonderful team to define our design, strategy, and style.

For weeks, we have been preparing the photoshoots. Thankfully we found an amazing photographer and creative director Veronica Podkolzina from

First, we discussed the moods and looks for the set-ups with her. As a director she also helped us choose the models, locations and put the finishing touches. Stans, being a light architect, was happy to join our team.
Finally, we defined the styling with Farah  and the make-up with Amber.

We are in love with this amazing new website and hope you are too!
So much more to come…

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