Once upon a time I fell in love with glass. I started working with the material and I just couldn’t get enough of the texture, the transparency and especially the endless possibilities. I was sold and decided to travel the world to discover and explore what others were doing with glass. This had brought me to Mexico, America, the Netherlands, and so on…  In doing so, not only did I learn and expand my knowledge, but I also got to refine my work and fall even more head over heels for glass.

I started my own label step by step and am extremely grateful to have worked together with high-end designers and artists. Slowly growing and learning from the best.  Right now I am delighted to see my work pop-up all over the world, much like the places I had travelled to at the beginning of my journey.

One of the questions I get asked now and then is; if I had studied architecture, sadly no. Experimenting with different types of design, structures and figures has helped me find my style, a style that does indeed reflect certain architectural elements. Today those designs define me.

My inspiration comes from… 
Those who know me, know that I am always bursting with ideas. I literally get my inspiration from ordinary day-to-day tasks. One element that does always come back is color. Paying attention and truly seeing everything around me has become a passion, a passion that burst with color and textures as does it inspire my new works of art made in glass.

For everyone who wears my designs/art
Each piece is as versatile as you, therefore I love seeing how each and everyone plays with my designs in their own unique way. Be true to yourself and wear them as you please. Straight, at an angle, combined with other patterns, colors, textures etc…  Just remember to be you and to express yourself fully.

Where to find my glass jewelry
From San Francisco, Paris, New York to Japan, you may find my designs all over the world. Spread out in different stores, museums and even gallery’s. Want to own your Ann Cox - piece of jewelry? Then don’t be shy, just reach out to me and I will gladly inform you of the selling points closest to you and any other information you may desire.